About Us

DFractals is a strategic global development advisory firm that provides multi-disciplinary advisory services to public, private and not-for-profit sector clients on key service areas to improve the efficacy, effectiveness and reach of socio-economic policies, programs and projects across the developing world. DFractals has worked in 18 countries across the African and Asian space for clients including international multilateral agencies, such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank, Government Ministries, Public Sector Undertakings, Non-Governmental Organizations, Research Foundations, Consulting firms and other private companies.

Headquartered in the heart of New Delhi, DFractals was founded with an objective to partner with organisations and leaders to achieve sustainable, holistic and comprehensive growth of societies and economies, ultimately to help the poor and the needy across the world. The organization specializes in various aspects of international development, such as Urban Development, Public Health, Sustainable Development, Agriculture, Public Finance, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. The organization comprises of adept, diligent and experienced people within the development sector, who are determined to challenge conventional wisdom to provide simplistic solutions and arguments to complex policy, programmatic and project-specific challenges.

Following unique market-oriented business approaches to find solutions to the most pressing global development challenges for our clients has been a prime objective of DFractals. Recognizing the scarcity of development financing around the world and urgency of public interventions, the firm values its clients’ resources, time and emotions, and provides strategic, cost-effective solutions in accordance with the clients’ needs, helping them smoothly maneuver through the challenges faced within their departments, ministries, organisations and countries. We strive to find a balance between innovation and practicality to provide the most realistic ‘game-changing’ solutions, customized to the needs of organisations, governments, societies and economies.

Our Mission

To partner with the public, private, social and financial sector in order to find, recommend and implement innovative and practical solutions to global development challenges and converge the gaps between the rich and the poor.

Values and Belief

DFractals values innovation with the aim to find new and smart methods and products to compliment or replace traditional ongoing ways of doing things in developing economies. We believe in revolutionizing the means of designing and implementing public policies, programs and projects in order to transform countries and lives of people.