Agriculture is considered to be the main source of income for almost 70 percent of the world's poor in rural areas. Agriculture takes up around one-third of the world's area and two-thirds of the water withdrawals. With the growing population and increasing demand for food, the competition for these resources is increasing. The pattern of rainfall and temperature is altering due to global climate change, which will further affect productivity in agriculture and may lead to crop failure in certain areas. These factors threaten the food security of many developing and underdeveloped societies. We, at DFractals recognize the role of agriculture as a driver of inclusive and green growth, in particular through improving the efficiency of resource utilization, reducing environmental impact, along with encouraging R&D and new technologies to improve productivity. We provide technical expertise for both crop and livestock production, covering the whole production cycle.

DFractals provides experts and specialists in various fields to increase agricultural productivity. These fields include Agro-Business, Agricultural Finance, Agro Insurance, Value Chain Development, Rural Development, Rural infrastructure, Community Development, Subsidy Policy, and Minimum Support Prices, to name a few. Our advisers also work on agricultural development programmes and national policies that govern the sector's growth and its contribution to overall economic development.

  • Value Chain
    DFractals' agribusiness professionals have extensive experience in assisting participants from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organizations that address global concerns. We understand the political and economic trends that impact the industry and have a proven track record across a wide variety of agricultural sectors, from the farm gate, along the supply chain, to the end processors.

    Our strategies, products and programmes are built upon our expertise in agriculture value chains and agriculture finance including analyses of local markets, sectors, needs, risks, and value chains; Program and institutional assessments; Strategy development for sectors; Marketing planning and tools; Alternative delivery channels; Toolkits and training; Full-spectrum implementation, including program management, coaching, mentoring and building local networks; and Monitoring and evaluation.

  • Access to Finance
    Access to finance and financial inclusion that incorporates rural areas is vital for rural development. Rural finance can be defined as the provision of financial services such as credit, savings, insurance and payments to individuals, households and businesses in rural areas in a sustainable manner. Financial widening and deepening to improve the poor's access to microcredit and microfinance markets is a key challenge that can enhance rural development and act as a catalyst in poverty reduction in low and middle income countries.

    We at DFractals recognize that asset formation, productivity, income and food security of the rural poor increases with direct access to financial services. Our experts provide creative and effective solutions to the challenges that impede rural finance and assist our clients in decentralizing and expanding financial markets. We seek to develop strategies and policies that incentivize the private sector to participate in the provision of rural financial services.

  • Rural Development
    With almost 50% of the world's population and a much higher proportion of world's poor living in rural areas, development of villages has become a pre-requisite to achieving greater global development. We consider financial, infrastructural, community and agricultural challenges as the prime hurdles to rural development. Pro-poor transformation of rural economies requires increasing agricultural productivity and efficiency along value chains, diversifying economic activity, and integrating the rural economy into the broader economy through sound market systems.

    In helping to achieve this rural transformation, we emphasize the private sector as the engine of growth and the public sector as the enabler of growth through sound policies and effective delivery of public goods. Our assistance is grounded in deep understanding of the nature and complexity of farming and rural livelihood systems, rural investment climate, how the rural poor manage risk, the dynamics of trading in cross-border market chains governed by standards and systems, market performance and failures, and governance and institutional constraints and opportunities.

  • Rural Infrastructure
    With substantive portions of the population in developing countries belonging to rural or semi-urban settings, addressing the concerns of this group becomes one of the most essential aspects of socio-economic development. A solid rural infrastructural framework is necessary to promote agriculture, industry, trade and human capital formation in villages and to efficiently deliver the requisite public services to the population.

    We assist our clients in improving supply of and access to social infrastructure and assets in rural settings. We understand rural challenges and design innovative mechanisms to help realize the true potential of the people by providing them with improved water and sanitation, health and education infrastructure, rural electrification and utilising information and communication technologies to develop rural networks with the rest of the world. We tend to take a market-oriented approach to incentivize investments in rural areas from national and international private sector as well as donors; making development a business, we believe, shall lead to the most optimal outcomes for individuals and societies.

  • Community Development
    Through programs like community development, members of a community come together to solve common problems and challenges through collective action. The results are seen in the form of stronger, harmonious and resilient communities and societies. Large social groups are formed, which work together towards a common goal. Community development programmes are excellent means to ameliorate administration and rural growth.

    DFractals, with its community development initiatives, seeks to empower individuals and societies by enhancing their abilities to easily identify and find solutions for development challenges. We provide our clients with access to professionals who are experts in community development programmes and its different approaches.

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