Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility is the duty of every corporate body to protect the interests of society at large. Apart from their main business objectives, corporates need to take initiatives for the welfare of society as a whole and perform its activities within the framework of environmental norms. The Companies Act, 2013 has introduced the idea of CSR to the forefront, increasing its importance, and through its disclose-or-explain mandate, is promoting greater transparency and disclosure of CSR activities. The concept of CSR has evolved over time and now incorporates all related concepts, such as, corporate citizenship, philanthropy, shared values, corporate sustainability and business responsibility.

  • CSR Consulting
    We live a dynamic life in a world that is growing more and more complex. Global scale environmental, social, cultural and economic issues have now become part of our everyday life. Therefore, boosting profits is no longer the sole business performance indicator for organizations. As a result, companies and organizations from all sectors understand the importance of having a generally accepted system of principles and best practices, which, if implemented will grant them the social license to operate.

    The mission of DFractals is to add value to the businesses of our clients by embedding the principles of CSR into their core strategies, policies and actions. The objective of our organization is to move towards a society where truth, integrity, transparency, justice and care for others boosts the collective effort for the common good of people, businesses, governments and the environment along with providing values to our clients, which involves the promotion of business innovation and learning, where they identify and engage with stakeholder needs and interests, allowing clients to develop a greater understanding of their operating environment.

  • CSR Services
    The figure given below provides an insight on our Process Flow/Work Flow- Research, CSR Solutions, Implementation and Monitoring. The figure also provides the services provided under these overall work schemes.

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