About Us

DFractals is a strategic global development advisory firm that provides multi-disciplinary advisory services to public, private and not-for-profit sector clients on key service areas to improve the efficacy, effectiveness and reach of socio-economic policies, programs and projects across the developing world.

DFractals has worked in 18 countries across the African and Asian space for clients including international multilateral agencies, such as the World Bank and the African Development Bank, Government Ministries, Public Sector Undertakings, Non-Governmental Organizations, Research Foundations, Consulting firms and other private companies.

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Our Clients

Information & Knowledge Center

Development Sector Research

iFractals authors research-based policy notes and papers covering situational assessments and 'game changing' recommendations within our sectors and service portfolio.

Project Case Studies

iFractals' carefully engineered Case Studies provide us with a unique tool to disseminate information and insights about our past and ongoing assignments.

Capacity Building in Research

iFractals organizes workshops in various educational institutions along with having monthly in-house panel discussions, in order to extend working skills and knowledge.

iFractals: Documenting DFractals' Experience

iFractals gains unique knowledge and experience about its clients, practicalities, local conditions and challenges in various countries, which the centre translates into write-ups.


Government of Mozambique and the African Development Bank | Preparation of Irrigation Development Plan, and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Plan in the Irrigated Agriculture Value Chains under the initiative to build climate resilience of Limpopo Basin in Mozambique.
African Development Bank | Consultancy Services On the Construction Of A Cellulosic Bio-Refinery In Lagos, Nigeria.
Lusaka Water & Sanitation Company Ltd. and World Bank| Baseline, Socio-Economic and Health Assessment, and Willingness to Pay Study, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company, Zambia | Ongoing – Data Analysis and Report Finalization Stage.
African Development Bank|End of Project Evaluation and Development of Exit Strategy for Control of Communicable Diseases (HIV, TB and Malaria) Project, Southern African Development Community | Final Exit Strategies, Case Studies and End of Project Evaluation Reports Submitted to SADC Secretariat for approval and dissemination among fifteen member states.
African Development Bank | Consulting Services for Financial and Technical Audits, Kazungula Bridge Project, Botswana.
World Bank|Preparation of Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plans for 12 Towns in 4 Clusters within the Nairobi Metropolitan Region, Kenya | Preliminary Draft Reports Submitted | Ongoing Strategic Planning Workshops with Stakeholders.

Our Services

DFractals offers a broad range of consulting services in the areas of Consultative Planning, Research, Policy Analysis, Capacity Development and Partnership Development across various industries.