Organizational Structure

At DFractals, our greatest resources are our people, who are encouraged to participate and provide their valuable inputs in various decision making processes. The three departments at DFractals - Strategy and Operations, Finance and Administration, and Project Management - are headed by the Board of Directors and guided by the Board of Advisors.

Quality Management System

DFractals has documented a solid Quality Management Strategy through a thorough consultative process, which guides the company's internal work and external services while working in tandem with our robust and efficacious organisational structure, policies, processes and financial system. DFractals' Quality Management System (DF-QMS) is strictly applied to all functions and departments within the organisation, and is headed and implemented by a Quality Management Officer (QMO).

The QMO conducts a multi-stage process analysis during the execution of our projects to comply with client requirements and international standards of service-quality. The established Quality Policy and Objectives of DFractals thus ensures smooth, high-quality, client-oriented delivery of advisory services, which remains the core mandate of DFractals. During execution of the projects, we also employ strict measures to maintain the quality of our external experts and consultants; our senior management works closely with these experts to continually evaluate their quality of work and make sure it is in compliance with the company and client requirements.

A detailed post-project technical evaluation is conducted through various tools including client feedback sessions and management review, which helps us in maintaining the quality of the delivered projects as well as to continually learn and improve the QM system in place. Trainings and workshop modules for our employees include components on Quality Management and Improvement, thus enabling our team to produce high-quality output for DFractals as well as its clients.

Our Approach

We take a highly innovative, customized and result-oriented approach in dealing with global development challenges, yet concentrating on the practicality of our solutions. We strive to provide the most cost-effective services and 'game-changing' solutions to deal with the issues faced by our clients. In effect, our approach is like the terrain and characteristics of a fractal, defined as a "never-ending infinitely complex pattern that is self-similar across different scales, created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop." Learning from the behaviour of fractals, we provide the following:

  • Never ending efforts imparted by our consultants and managers to find the most optimal solutions to developmental challenges, focusing on client-satisfaction.
  • Simple to comprehend solutions to complex development issues.
  • Repeated multi-level analysis to verify the work-feasibility and re-plan to overcome any potential challenges.
  • Ongoing feedback and client service after the delivery of the project, making sure that strategy and planning documents lead to robust policy implementation and solid measurable ground-level results.

Our Project Workflow

input INPUTS

We mobilise the most experienced and qualified team of professionals from across the world to undertake every assignment. A senior manager from DFractals coordinates these experts, and a specific board director overlooks the work. We partner with other international and best product.

output OUTPUTS

Our local support in the country of operations helps the team to undertake a participatory and consultative approach to work. We are thus able to discuss our progress, present various intermittent outputs to clients and stakeholders and continually improve our product. Ultimately, we provide the highest quality, innovative-yet-practical solution to the client, well within the desired time-frame.

dellivery DELIVERY

The work is presented to the clients and key stakeholders several times, the inputs are taken and the final draft is revised accordingly before submission. In the entire process, we make sure that we build capacity and knowledge of the organisations and people we deal and work with.

implemenation IMPLEMENTATION

We not only provide solid implementation plans for all strategies and policies produced, but also encourage our clients to approach us with problems and implementation challenges. We often assist our clients with the conversion of our reports into actions. We are continuously available to provide feedback, guide our clients and make sure that our collaborative efforts do not just remain stacked in cabinets for years.

impact IMPACT

Everyone at DFractals shares a common passion for development and enthusiasm to see the impact of their work. We therefore encourage our clients to partner with us to measure the social impact of our services. Our in-house Information and Knowledge Centre measures the impact of our work and publishes Case Study, analytical reports and blogs which are a source of intellectual satisfaction to our people.