Our Team


Bellosillo, Requito V.

Requito, popularly referred to as “Ten”, is an Urban Development and Planning Expert with over 28 years of experience in urban planning and designing, land use management, architectural designs, municipal infrastructure development, migration and climate change adaptation, preparation of standards, regulations and policies, institutional reforms and planning. He has led and managed large scale consultancy projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, AusAID, and other prestigious clients in the public and private sector across Asia, Africa and the Pacific region. Ten is a registered Architect and Environmental Planner and currently serves as President for Bellsons Integrated Developers Corporation along with being an Urban Planning Consultant for the City Government of Valenzuela and the City Government of Taguig in Philippines. He holds a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning degree, Post-Graduate Diploma in Land Use Planning, and Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree and has academic Doctoral degree units in Public Administration.

Chola, Lumbwe

Lumbwe is a Public Health Specialist with a PhD in Health Economics and an MPhil in International Health, along with 14 years of international professional experience of working on all aspects of Public Health. As a proficient Health Economist with expertise in conducting project and policy evaluations and assessment of capacity building needs, gaps and initiatives, Lumbwe has extensive teaching experience in Zambia, South Africa and Norway and has over a dozen public health specific publications in renowned National and International journals. Besides his broad knowledge and experience in the field of health systems and service research, he has expertise in analyzing and developing provisions for Gender Issues in the Southern African Region. Apart from being a Public Health Advisor with DFractals, Lumbwe is currently supporting the School of Public Health and Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit to formulate a strategic plan of action aimed at preventing stillbirths and maternal, new-born and child deaths in South Africa. He is also involved in the estimation and evaluation of effectiveness of a health package to be delivered by community health workers in the region.

Singh, JP

JP is a Development Economist holding an MPhil Degree in Economics from India's Jawaharlal Nehru University. Currently the Managing Director of VisionRI Connexion Services Private Limited, he has 24 years of experience managing and leading assignments in sectors such as energy, transport, tourism, urban development and natural resource management for the World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and various ministries and public sector agencies in over 25 developing countries. Besides having extensive research and advisory experience, he is also a seasoned corporate strategist with successful track record of leading the consulting businesses across the globe. JP advises DFractals on social development, governance strengthening, urban growth, poverty analysis, institutional strengthening, economic assessment, public good pricing and infrastructural costing. His most recent and on-going work includes research on smart cities in India, road sector project evaluation in Nigeria, water and sanitation assessment in Zambia, and exploration of big data analytics for social development. He is an esteemed member of the Institute for Urban Transport, Indian Building Congress and Indian Sociological Society.

Kumar, B. Nagendra

Nagendra is a Sustainable Development expert with a degree in Civil Engineering, M.Tech in Ocean Engineering, PhD in Coastal Hydrodynamics and a Post-doctoral Fellowship in Coastal Hydraulics. He has over 20 years of experience in sustainable development, climate change, coastal management, disaster risk mitigation, environment and natural resources management, economic and financial assessment, cost-benefit analysis, preparation of construction supervision quality control and safety guidelines, ecosystem management and flood and environmental hazard planning. Nagendra has successfully developed the patented Green SAB Sediment Accumulator in Beach Technology for Shore Protection in order to protect coastal areas from erosion due to natural or anthropogenic coastal processes, and has conducted Pilot Test Studies on Surf Zone based Seabed Infiltration Technology. He has received multiple awards for his excellent knowledge and research on costal problems and has authored over 25 papers in Journals and Conferences across the globe.


Chaudhary, Kshitij

Kshitij is a Development Economist and Social Entrepreneur with extensive international professional experience across Botswana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, the United Kingdom, Zambia and various Southern African countries. His core areas of expertise are public health and urban development, covering aspects such as socio- economic analysis, demographic profiling, policy analysis, statistical and econometric research, financial projections, impact evaluation, workshop facilitation, team building and capacity building. Kshitij is adept at working with multiple and cross-functional teams consisting of members from multi-lateral funding agencies, governments, public sector organizations, private sector and civil society organizations.

Kshitij is currently directing the Public Sector and Government Advisory practice at DFractals, managing large consulting teams and providing strategic direction to the Operations team at the headquarters, guiding the firm’s expansion into the African Region, specifically under urban and health sectors. Before founding DFractals, Kshitij was working on a number of research and consulting assignments, prior to which he was a fellow with Overseas Development Institute (ODI). He holds a Master’s Degree in Development Economics from University of Oxford as a Queen Elizabeth House Scholar, and a B.A. (Honours) Degree in Economics where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Having a solid academic background, he is involved in various empirical research projects and is currently an active member of several national and international policy associations and networks.

Yadav, Rohit

Rohit is an Economist and Entrepreneurial leader with specialization in social development, public finance, statistics and economic growth modelling, having extensive research, consulting and managerial experience working on development projects across Asia and Africa. His professional interests include urban infrastructure, public finance, labour economics and socio-economic research, and his work in the past few years includes institutional capacity building, economic and financial assessment, policy analysis, imparting trainings to young professionals, analysing large datasets and managing consulting teams in resource-constrained environments. He has outstanding survey design and implementation experience and is well-versed with several sophisticated software required for DFractals’ work.

Rohit directs the Strategy and Operations practice at DFractals and is currently leading the firm’s growth into the South East Asian and Pacific Regions, specifically under Public Finance and Governance, Sustainable Development and Social Development sectors. He has been coordinating and managing projects funded by multilateral funding agencies including the World Bank and African Development Bank, multiple Government Agencies and Ministries, and several National and International NGOs, and leads the ‘New Recruits Training Program’ at DFractals which provides training to newly recruited associates on business development, financial management and international development issues. Rohit has an academic background in economics, holding a Master’s degree in the subject with impeccable credentials, from India’s premier graduate institute.

Gupta, Kriti

Kriti is a Financial Economist with specialization and experience in development finance, urban planning, public communication and project implementation. Her research and professional interests include agricultural finance, social infrastructure, public finance management, resource mobilization, corporate social responsibility and public procurement. She is highly competent in research methodologies with world-class training in Statistical and Econometric Techniques of data analysis.

Previously having worked in the Financial and Risk Management sector, Kriti is currently managing Strategy and Operations at DFractals. She heads business development teams in the preparation of project proposals in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa for multiple global development themes. She is also engaged as a Principle Researcher in iFractals, the information and knowledge centre of DFractals, on various ongoing research works in Nepal, Zambia and India. She is excellent at working with multi-cultural teams and possesses extensive experience in engaging with the Private Sector, Public Sector as well as Civil Society. Kriti holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from India’s Jawaharlal Nehru University and a B.A. (Honours) Degree in Economics from Delhi University with consistently outstanding academic credentials.