Public Health

With rising global burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases, our clients often face difficulties in overcoming challenges such as, developing strategies, policies and operational plans, mobilizing resources for financing public health initiatives, strengthening the overall health system, and managing disease response at a national level. We support clients in shaping health policy and strategy goals, forming and managing effective cross-sector partnerships, and scaling up interventions to reach target populations in a timely manner. In our global network of experts and consultants, we have multiple consultants with experience in healthcare, medical research and public health. We forge relationships between organizations at global, national, and local levels to tackle numerous common and uncommon challenges, assist on policy development and related actions, build momentum for change, break down barriers, cut through bureaucracies, and speed up implementation to reach the communities in need of help the most.

DFractals thus commits to provide world-class advisory services on issues including Health Systems Strengthening (HSS), Public Health Planning, Health Financing, Disease Management and Nutrition. We create tangible results at a local and national level, develop capabilities and tools for foundations and grant-supported organizations, build new health entities and improve the effectiveness of established bodies.

  • Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)
    A Health System is the combination of institutions, infrastructure, policies, and human and financial resources necessary to sustain health service delivery for the target population. A strong network and a defined inter-relationship between these components is essential to positively influence the socio-economic and epidemiological determinants of health and to achieve the goals of access, equity and efficiency in the health sector.

    Our HSS practice works with health sector experts, civil servants, NGOs, private organisations, health foundations, donors and multi-lateral agencies to promote and capacitate the key HSS components as well as to strengthen the relationship between these components. We provide strategic and operational advisory and find market-based solutions to help our clients in incentivizing the strengthening of health systems and achieving the goals of improved population health levels.

  • Public Health Planning
    Delivering public health services requires incessant efforts from the public and private sectors as well as the civil society. It is necessary to challenge conventional wisdom and historical trends, and develop innovative, game-changing modalities of delivering services in order to attain better outcomes at lower costs. Strategic direction inspired by provision of increased access to drugs, diagnostics and health services is the need of the hour.

    We work closely with our clients to conduct analytical research and use innovative methodologies in health economics to improve population health across the developing world, with a key focus on tackling both the supply and demand side of health services. We provide technical assistance in policy, strategy and operational planning, development of public health investment cases, designing supply chain management systems, developing and enforcing quality management frameworks, improving health infrastructure, building capacity for health management, and monitoring and evaluation planning.

  • Health Financing
    With medical advancements in drug-quality and innovative diagnostic devices, public health management in the developing world is seen less as a medical-epidemiological issue and more as a serious financial challenge. Within the dynamic funding mechanisms and evolving donor space, tracing sources of sustainable funding for health is now a key priority of most health ministries and governments.

    We assist ministries of health, national health management departments, private stakeholders, civil society, research institutions and epidemiology units within the public and private sector in developing robust resource mobilisation, sustainable health financing strategies and develop mechanisms for innovative financing. Our public health experts forecast the epidemic and hence the resource needs, conduct medium and long-term fiscal space analysis, develop rationales for investments in health and provide assistance in drafting grant applications to secure donor funding for the health sector.

  • Disease Management
    Several large-scale epidemics have posed serious socio-economic and fiscal challenges to various countries across Africa and Asia. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are also increasingly posing problems, and will continue to do so for decades to come. Nearly 80% of NCD deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

    We provide services to up-scale prevention, treatment and management of specific diseases such as HIV, TB, and Malaria. Our approach involves a highly consultative process, where we work closely with the client to understand and appreciate the local challenges and emergencies and co-develop innovative methods of preventing, controlling and managing diseases. We help donors and governments in making sound supply-side decisions on health provision, and at the same time investing in fostering demand for health at individual, household and community levels. We also develop strategies to promote healthy lifestyles that involve better diet, exercise, and reduction of smoking and alcohol amongst the population- the four major internationally agreed themes that can reduce the incidence of NCDs.

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