Urban Development

With rapid expansion of urban agglomerations and majority of the world's population growth concentrated in urban centres of developing countries, DFractals believes in applying strategic thinking to the growth, planning and development of towns and cities worldwide. Our experts and advisors have extensive international working experience in Urban Development projects and have been at the forefront of national and sub-national level urban reforms, and have been helping public institutions and multilateral funding agencies in designing, implementing, managing and evaluating various urban development projects.

We are well aware of the problems that arise with rapid urbanization and are experienced in finding easy and innovative solutions to ease the growing pressure on cities and its resources. We specialize in empowering communities to manage their natural resources in a sustainable way and in providing equal access to all. Our end-to-end cross-functional services encompasses, but are not limited to the following:

  • Water and Sanitation
    Access to safe water and adequate sanitation services has proven to be one of the most efficient ways of improving human health. Access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation services is vital to human health but has other important benefits, ranging from the easily identifiable and quantifiable (costs avoided, time saved) to the more intangible (convenience, well-being, dignity, privacy and safety). Access to basic water and sanitation services is a crucial right, vital for development and the reduction of poverty. Due to the increasing occurrence of water stress and scarcity, increasing variations and uncertainties in weather patterns, deterioration in water quality and the mismanagement of water, there is an urgent demand for innovative technologies, approaches and solutions to this challenge.

    DFractals provides multidisciplinary consulting services in water resource management, water supply and sanitation, water and wastewater utility management and environmental management. Our services cover the whole project cycle from identification, preparation and feasibility studies to design, engineering, procurement, implementation, supervision, monitoring and evaluation. We specialize in implementation of rural water supply and sanitation projects, focusing on appropriate design and approaches as well as user participation and ownership; Feasibility studies on technical, social, financial and environmental aspects; Design, implementation and commissioning of water supply systems; Community funded mechanisms as tools for community-based needs assessment, social infrastructure planning and procurement; Strengthening of the management capacity of locally based water committees and associations; Behavioral changes in hygiene and sanitation; Decentralization of planning, implementation and management of water supply systems.

  • Urban Design and Architecture
    Our urban design and landscape architecture professionals collaborate with clients and communities to create memorable places. We shape the communities in which we live, work and play through innovative and creative planning and design, and strive to connect people to the environment and each other through a design that reflects context, structure, form, and sophistication. We are committed to design solutions that are sustainable, maintainable, and cost effective. Our passion for artful design is at the root of each project, creating success by helping clients realizes their vision.

    We provide comprehensive services from the planning to the construction stage, applying our design vision and integrated approach to all aspects of the built environment. Outreach facilitation is integral to our design process, using high quality visualizations to clearly communicate the design vision and intent, build consensus and generate funding support.

  • Urban Governance
    We support governments and authorities to improve governance and regulatory practices, and enhance service delivery to citizens around the world. We deliver projects with carefully tailored institutional development components. Good governance is intrinsic to effective public management and service delivery. By promoting good governance and by positioning institutional and organizational development at the forefront of our sector programs, we maximize the effectiveness of our interventions and the sustenance of outcomes in the capable hands of our partners. We subscribe to a holistic capacity development framework, which links human resource management and development at an individual level with broader organizational and institutional development schemes across sectors.

    Our expertise covers a broad range of public sector development interventions in all levels of the government, from planning, design and implementation, to evaluation of public sector reform projects. We apply tested, yet innovative and adapted approaches and methodologies and build on the experience we have acquired from numerous sectors in a wide range of countries and contexts. We specialize in Institutional and Organizational Development, Democratization and strengthening of civil society, Decentralization and local government development, E-governance and Management Information systems and Institutional development in Post-Conflict Areas.

  • Migration
    The process of population migration from rural areas to urban areas, resulting in the growth of urban settings is called urbanization. This structural shift occurs due to innumerable relative pull-factors of the cities: infrastructure, employment, education, markets and opportunities. This process of rural flight increases population in urban areas, which induces an increased labour-supply and combined with insufficient labour demand results in high unemployment rate.

    Our experts provide evidence-based policy advice on the key challenges arising due to the process of urbanization. We conduct analytical research, statistical modeling, socio-economic impact studies, hold dialogues with national and international stakeholders, and apply theories of labour economics, population growth and migration to develop high impact, low cost strategies that enhance outcomes in the urban sector.

  • Tourism Strategy Development
    Global tourism is now generally recognized as one of the largest industries in the world and one of the most significant sources of employment and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Tourism particularly benefits the economies of developing countries, where most of the sector's jobs and businesses are being created. When done sustainably, tourism development can be an effective tool for stimulating economic growth, alleviating poverty, conserving biodiversity, preserving culture and traditions, and creating employment opportunities for local communities. Through our comprehensive set of sustainable tourism consulting services, DFractals assists destinations around the world in achieving their development goals.

    DFractals is committed to tourism development that creates a positive experience for local people, local businesses, and tourists themselves. We implement comprehensive programs focused on improving the quality of life for local residents without compromising the future well being of the people or the planet. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in multiple areas of tourism development, including Tourism Assessments & Strategic Planning, Destination Management, Policy Development, Visitor Experience Development, Tourism Enterprise Development, Training, Protected Area Tourism Management, Institutional Strengthening, Measuring Impacts and Project Design & Monitoring.

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